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Welcome to the Mom’s stuff. If you are looking for the best stuff related to your loved one, mother, father, future mom or your grandparents, you are in the right place. We will provide you with the best quality and branded clothes, gadgets, and life-changing technical goods. We will make your life easier and comfortable with our beautiful and reliable products at the best price.


I am Sandra, a two-time mum from Bavaria. I was born in Frankfurt and grew up in England, Portugal, Munich, Brazil, and Costa Rica. After 5 years in Costa Rica, I went back to Munich - and got stuck first. I know that it is not easy to get a job and family under one roof. When my sons were 3 months each, I returned full time to my job. Living with two young children and challenging work can be very stressful and requires a certain serenity.


Many successful professional women feel constantly inclined to say, “but of course my kids come first” or “first and foremost, I’m a mother.” When you look at the Twitter profiles of some of the world’s most successful women, their bio often follows this formula “I’m a mother, a wife, and also a working lady/an actor/doctor/lawyer etc.

That’s why I created this website for practical mom, dad, and grandparents. I have learned a lot from my life while I was expected. I always wanted to share my thoughts, problems that I had faced during my pregnancy and with kids as a mother and a working lady. In order to be able to tackle the diverse tasks of a mom more relaxed, there are many products that I think it is worth using.


Here at my webshop you will get every type of products for all age. For moms, dads, pregnants, grandparents and kids. I will show my users the products from my shop every day according to their need and demand.


I would like to help many (working) mums to master the balancing act between family and work more relaxed and happier. On my website, I introduce products that help me to cope with everyday life without stress. All the products I have in the shop, I usually use myself or have tested them myself. Therefore, these goods, products and all-day use gadgets for being a wife and a woman are also important.


You can buy here a huge range of branded clothes, in different fabrics, colors, shape, and style for mother, father, kids, expecting mom and grandparents. You will be able to get the new, trendy and elegant dresses for newborn, mom, dad and all aged people.


We are in the age of technology and we need to have reliable technical goods. You can buy here best gadgets and games for kids for chrisms gift, kitchen tools for mom, grandmother, everyday comfort gadgets for expecting mom like A Lean, Mean Bottle Prenatal Massage Machine. Even you can get products for all age people.


If you want to know about products details, want to ask questions about the quality of products or want to buy our products, please contact us at

Mom´s Stuff , An ESPI Services Company , Address : Von-Kühlmann-Straße 1 82327 Tutzing GERMANY

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