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Thanks for landing on our website Terms & conditions page. The reference we’ our’ us relates to, related companies, and third parties. If you want to get our amazing and lavish products for your loved one, mother, father, pregnant fellows and grandparents than must follow and agree with these GDPR terms & conditions that are provided here for user, companies and website manager for security purpose. If you do not agree with this legal agreement, you are not eligible for using our services anymore.


Mom´s Stuff will provide you best quality products, gadgets, and clothes for all types of mom, dad, exclusive products for pregnancy, kids of all age and grandparents. In different materials/quality and prices. Our wide range is available for the within and outside of the EU customers. We deal with the related best brands and companies for the best thread stuff, prints, gadgets, and other products. If you want to get our products to make your pregnant loved one, kids of all age, mom, dad or grandparents happier and more satisfied then you must follow our listed terms and conditions, but if you are not able to follow them, you cannot use it in any way.


Mom´s Stuff may change and update the terms and conditions time by time according to the GDPR act 1998. The user must check this page regularly to ensure you are happy and satisfied with our services, T&C, website, and changes or not.


GDPR is not a tech document at all. E-Commerce is only discussed once. And that’s in a footnote. And they call it “electronic commerce.” GDPR is less of a digital playbook than a statement on fundamental rights. The processing of personal data should be designed to serve humanity.

 In the following statement the terms “data,” “personal data,” “data controller,” “data processor” and “processing” have the same meaning as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 which is upgraded at 25th MAY 2018



We have the right to control all the related accounts information to set the limitation and rules according to the website and other parties’ policies. We will collect General information like name, date of birth, age, gender, Email, and personal information like contact information. Bank account details, Address, Residential card number


Your account must be genuine and based on true statements. You’re all general and personal information must be according to the real documents that you will provide for payment and order placing.


When clients start to use our website for business purpose, our service provider and the user will exchange their personal information. You must follow our privacy policy before making concern about our site and services.


Everything that is available or related to our website whether logos, products, graphics, music, pictures, videos, and other things are our own and we have copyrights. Nobody can use or can take advantage of them. While we have undertaken all reasonable steps to ensure that all information contained in our website is accurate and free from error, we do not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, or complete and up-to-date information on our site.


We have a wide range of products, gadgets, and clothes for mom, dad, pregnancy, and grandparents. So, that textile factories, printers, gadget, and technical products providers and other third parties are also agreeing with our terms and conditions. You must check their terms and conditions as well. But when you contact directly to the third party for purchasing goods, we wouldn’t be responsible for any misappropriation from the third party.

When you make purchases through our website, we are, but we have not accessed to read the perfect quality of each and single product in details. If you make any contract for buying our products, then you must understand the content, instructions, and details about products materials, color combinations, printing and using features. You can claim for any claimable content to the website. After that, we will take the further step to resolve your dispute related to brand, companies or client according to the third-party agreement.


All products available on our webshop, for kids, all types of mom, dad, for pregnant loved once and grandparents’ like gadgets, clothes and other stuff have specifications, guaranty, and conditions. We are only responsible for as its conditions, price, and availability on the website. We do not make any specific presentation and warranty for selling our products on the webshop. The site will not be responsible for the guarantees of designing, manufacturing, color combination, and display of the available products.


Mom´s Stuff is doing very fair business with the user and related third parties. We have the right to terminate or dismiss your contract, orders, shipping, and other payments process if we see or observe any illegal performance done by the user and third parties, we will definately take legal steps against accused according to country’s enforced law and legislation.


Mom´s Stuff  is working on improvements for providing excellent quality products and services to their customers according to new GDPR law. Our rules and condition based on the EU and German law and enforcement. We will take steps against criminal and illegal activity at our website through EU, German and user related country’s constitution and jurisdiction.


Any personal information Buyer and third-party supply to us via this website will be dealt with under our Privacy Statement which can be found at " Privacy Policy." Our Privacy Statement is part of these Conditions of Use. Please read these carefully as they set out our obligations and your rights concerning your personal data.


If the user has an issue with our Services, please contact us. We will endeavor to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Any disputes or Claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in GDPR accordance with EU and related countries Law. The language to be used in the arbitration and communication shall be English and German.


If you have any problem with our services, services providers, terms and conditions or want more information, please contact us at :


Mom´s Stuff by ESPI Services Gmbh
Von-Kühlmann-Straße 1 82327 Tutzing DEUTSCHLAND

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